Help save Vernon Playing fields

As you maybe aware, Cheshire East Council intends to apply to the Secretary of State for Education to dispose of playing field

land at Vernon Infants School, Clumber Road, Poynton.

If this land is lost to Richmond Rovers it will have a serious consequence on our ability to provide pitches for junior football

training and matches. This could easily have a knock on effect to the health and well being of a large number of children

considering that we have over 350 children and young people registered with the club.

The consultation closes on Friday 17th July 2015. Ie, last first class post before 17.30 on Thursday 16th July 

We ask you to please send a letter objecting to the loss of the playing field to:

Steven Plack

Senior Surveyor

Property Services

Asset Management Service

Cheshire East Council

2nd Floor, Delamere House




See below for a template letter that can be used in it’s entirety (just sign your name) if you wish to use it or any of the

information in it, please feel free!!!

Thank you for your help. It really is important that the land is kept as playing fields. Please encourage, relatives, friends

and neighbours to write as well.