Email Policy

The Club gives designated Members access to an email facility in order to improve Club communication and efficiency. This is the primary purpose of this facility and although personal emails are permitted, the primary purpose of this facility should be remembered. The Club would ask its Members not to abuse the facility.

With this is mind it is important that emails are not used to spread gossip or to distribute information, jokes or graphics that are or could be said to be, any of the following:

- Sexist or sexual in nature

- Racist or otherwise discriminatory

- Obscene

- Offensive

- Defamatory

- Malicious and/or unacceptable nature

- Otherwise conflicting with the interests of the Club.

- The distribution of chain letters by email is also expressly forbidden


Members must not use emails to distribute information that is confidential in nature, unless the permission of the Executive has been given in advance. Members must not use emails to distribute anything that is copyright protected or to pursue or promote personal business interests. If in doubt, Executive guidance should be sought.

Messages sent by email could give rise to legal action against the Club. It is therefore important that thought is given to the content of all emails and that hard copies are taken when necessary.

The Club reserves the right to retrieve messages in order to assess whether the facility is being used for legitimate purposes, to retrieve information following suspected computer failure or to investigate alleged acts of wrongdoing. The Club will not, however, monitor emails as a matter of course.

Misuse of the email facility will result in disciplinary action.